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Manoj Satishkumar

Founder & Instructor

I have a decade of experience in building professional websites and front-end applications. I have worked both in startups and giant companies. I started out as a software engineer and slowly realized that I have a passion to teach.

A Bit About Me

I feel obligated to build front-end interfaces of supreme quality. I love the javascript ecosystem and I have designed & developed multiple products in my career.

I love talking about Programming, Astrophysics, Art, Space science, Philosophy & Spirituality. I have the thirst to understand what the universe is made of, the existential reality & the design around us.

I have worked in Fintech, E-Commerce, Healthcare & Semi-conductor industries.

I have travelled to New York, New Jersey, Kansas City, Singapore & Europe.

I'm residing in Bangalore, India

Why Programming ?

Ever since childhood, I always loved computers and how software defines the experiences one can have with it.

With the Internet breakthrough in the 90s, it became clear that the future of humanity is going to revolve around computing systems of different form factors.

Today, Industries like Retail, Banking, Travel, Healthcare, Semiconductor, commerce .... you name it. All these industries are evolving due to computer science in one way or the other.

Work Experience


August 2022 - Present


July 2021 - August 2022


June 2019 - July 2021


March 2015 - June 2019


July 2013 - March 2015

Staff Software Engineer

I resumed working on the Email template builder portal for Walmart's eCommerce comms platform.

Member of Technical staff

I am working on building next-gen merchant onboarding experience for PayPal customers & improve global business.

Senior Software Engineer

I worked on Email template builder portal for Walmart eCommerce Comms Platform.

Technical Team Lead

I was managing a team of web developers where I was involved in building medical vitals charting application for Nurses in US hospitals.

Software Engineer

As an individual contributor, I developed a high-speed SSD validation test software.

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