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Some dreams stay dreams... don't they ?

When they asked me - "What do you want to become when you grow up?", I used to say the classic answer that I would one day become an Astronaut and spend time in space. I would discover what the other planets are made of and bring knowledge back home.

Some dreams stay dreams... don't they ?

But as I grew old, I started realising that in order to achieve something in life, in order to make a good name in this world, I did not have to fly to space and to distant planets. Our Mother Earth 🌎 has many opportunities for me as well 😅

My dreams shifted from becoming an Astronaut to a Scientist to a Doctor to an IAS officer to a Software Engineer.

And look at what am I doing now.

Teaching programming online and building projects.

But I believe if we love what we do, it becomes our dream. It becomes our destination and it will serve us well in life. Sometimes we just think out of ego that everything will work out as we planned in life. In reality, life has a plan for us.

I just looked back and realised how much has changed in life and I believe sometimes you just need to accept the flow and give everything you got to the world. It will generate value one day !

Thanks for reading,


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