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My Last working day @PayPal

On August 26th 2022, I had to say a formal goodbye to PayPal after a pleasant journey of exactly 1 year. And after posting the update on LinkedIn, I received many messages from the community asking me "what's next" ?

First of all,

It feels good that you guys care about my career and what I plan to do next. And please know that I care about yours too. That's the reason why I am making content on interview tips, courses, resume building etc.,


I liked many things about PayPal.

For example:

- The stable production line and codebase.

- Project generators and bootstrap mechanisms.

- Template-based rendering engines.

- Micro frontend architecture & design.

- Standard reusable React components.

- Company-wide UI/UX standards.

- State-of-the-art instrumentation & logging.

- Complex functional testing of workflows.

- Stable & proven deployment mechanism.

- Well-designed orchestration services.

- Centralised API doc management.

- Support from the engineering managers.

- Friendly colleagues to work with.

I was a part of PayPal's merchant onboarding platform. A platform that brings merchants into PayPal so that they can grow their business and leverage a wide range of products that PayPal offers as a part of the commerce solution. I cannot disclose all internal details (due to obvious reasons) but on a high level, my job was to analyse and try to make the SMB and large merchants comfortable and feel easy enough to complete the onboarding process including their KYC and start building their businesses.

I also got a chance to publish quarterly technology newsletters under the org leaders and celebrate wins.

Ironically, since I joined PayPal during the pandemic's second wave, my onboarding was completely virtual and smooth. In fact, I went to the office for just 2 days while I was with the company. In those 2 days, I got a chance to meet a few Engineering leaders from the US & China.

We had a good time and a team lunch in Street 1522 (twice)

So what's next ?

I am resuming my journey at Walmart once again 🙂

I'll write a different article on "why".

Thanks for reading,


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