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Microsoft dynamics 365 - CRM

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Microsoft dynamics CRM is a business software application that allows companies of all sizes to track, manage and report on customer interactions to help businesses automate and streamline various operations such as financial analysis, customer relationships, supply chain management, manufacturing, inventory, human resources and so on.


There are three types of this CRM :

-> Online

-> On-premise

-> IFD

• Comparing to others CRMs available in market, Microsoft dynamics CRM is cheaper.

• Microsoft dynamics CRM have 5 modules.

  1. Sales

  2. Marketing

  3. Service

  4. Field service

  5. Project service

• We can integrate Microsoft technologies such as teams, excel, word etc with the help of this CRM.

• Microsoft dynamics CRM provides telephonic support as well as ticket raising and live chat functionality.

• Microsoft dynamics CRM is amazing and flexible in terms of customization comparing to other CRMs.

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