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Lead Software Engineer promotion tips

Are you a Software Engineer interested to get a promotion soon and become a Lead Engineer?

If yes, then you need to know a few things and also perform a few actions now to make this happen and you will become a "potential option" for the management to give you the promotion.

I will give you my tips to get promoted to Lead engineer.

This material is now included in MSK 999 /- pack.

NOTE: MSK 999 /- pack also includes:


1. Lifetime access for my 30+ hours Udemy course bundle that contains:

- JavaScript Bootcamp

- TypeScript Bootcamp

- Frontend System design

- React - Redux workshop

- Interview Questions

- Career guidance videos

- Project source code & snippets

2. I'll give you many Resume building tips and also send you a copy of my personal CV which got shortlisted by 35+ companies for your reference.

3. I'll send you my personal bootstrap reference code repository zip folder containing hundreds of code snippets and configurations that I use on a daily basis to work and prepare for interviews. This has been really helpful to me to boost my productivity as well.

4. There are many HRs & Hiring managers in my contacts/circle. If your CV matches, I will forward your resume to them. Not a guarantee but a possibility.

5. I will endorse your skills on LinkedIn to give it a boost when recruiters search for matching candidates.

6. I have gone through CTC negotiations with 25+ product companies. I will give you tips and techniques for getting the best salary offer during your HR round.

7. I have got multiple promotions in my career and I'll give you my personal tips on how to get promoted to a Lead Software Engineer soon.

All the best,


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