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Increase productivity by 10X by blocking sites

If you want to boost your daily productivity by 10x, you must stop getting distracted by those 10 websites you frequently visit during your work hours. Luckily, I have a neat trick that has worked like a charm for me to avoid visiting those websites by just blocking them on my office laptop. I highly recommend you try this. I can certainly guarantee that your focus will increase after adding this configuration to your laptop.

I'm going to write steps for MacOS, but similar steps will work for Windows laptops as well.

1. Open the hosts file with admin permissions by running the below command in terminal:

sudo nano /etc/hosts

2. Now edit the file and add the websites you want to block.

# Websites blocked

3. Save the file with Ctrl+O and exit with Ctrl+X

Now you cannot access those websites ( that distract you ) from any web browser on your machine.

Such a simple but powerful method to avoid distractions and focus on the actual work. Try it. You will feel the difference. Sometimes, in this world where we can get easily distracted because it is so easy to just login and check your facebook or insta account with a single click. You will not notice how much time you are spending there once you are in them. The websites are designed in such a way that they make you addicted. Luckily LinkedIn is not so addictive and it contains some useful work-related posts but you can block all those trading, news, and other social media sites.

Now you can argue that we can just avoid visiting instead of blocking them completely. But I found it's not so effective. A solid block will force you to develop certain good habits.

Just try this for a week.

Thank me later.

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