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GitHub code to build GitHub

In April 2015, I was working at Cerner Corporation when I was introduced to GitHub. I joined along with 30 other software engineers in a training camp called "Dev Academy" in Cerner. Until then I was using SVN and (I promise) I was keeping code in a local folder. When suddenly Mr Rohit (The Coach) asked me to push my code, I was confused about what "Push" meant 😅. I only knew about "The Almighty Push" - A ninja technique by Nagato (pain). This concept was from the Anime series "Naruto".

GitHub was so new and it felt different to deal with #merges, #rebases, #pullRequests and #cherryPicking etc., Fast forward 8 years, and GitHub is still the preferred go-to place for all software developers in the world to maintain their codebase.

Did you know?

The most popular #programming#language on GitHub is #JavaScript and GitHub has over 100 million #developers and more than 372 million repositories.

Approximately, 12,000 pull requests are merged every day.

GitHub was acquired by Microsoft in October 2018 for $7.5 billion for a number of reasons. Microsoft wanted to gain a foothold in the #opensource community and improve their dev tools. They also wanted to compete with Google which is a major player in the open source community.

The acquisition of GitHub was controversial at the time, with some developers expressing concerns about Microsoft's intentions. However, Microsoft has since made it clear that it is committed to keeping GitHub#open and #independent. In the years since the acquisition, GitHub has continued to grow and thrive, and it remains the go-to platform for developers around the world.

A small joke for developers:

Q. Why did the #Developer break up with #GitHub ?

A. Because they couldn't #commit to a long-term relationship, and every #merge was a #conflict 🙂

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