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Get up and keep going. Life is meaningful.

Let me tell you a small philosophy that I invented which keeps me motivated every single day of my life and to live my life with no regrets or having a sense of failure or doubts about my capabilities.

In your life, have you ever felt like you are not as worthy as someone else ?. Well, this is very common for humans. We constantly compare ourselves with others and work towards improvement. It is fantastic if the purpose is to improve yourself for a better future. But I have seen cases where an individual compares himself / herself with someone else and starts feeling bad that they are not able to attain that state.

This kind of feeling has only increased today with social media and the kind of fake personas people display online. Some have gone even to the extreme point of taking their life away because of it.

My philosophy


If you feel lesser than someone else, I want you to remember that planet Earth has invested the same amount of energy, time and resources to create "you" and that "someone else". Just imagine the amount of work and struggle that the planet has gone through ( Not to mention 4.5 Billion years of catastrophic events in History )

For you to have 2 eyes, ears, many internal organs, a brain, 5 senses and a consciousness that is unmatched by any robot that we can build today, it has taken Billions of years of trial and error experiments. Not just that, the experimentation conducted by mother Earth is both macro and at micro levels. From the formation of the moon which gave rise to ocean waves to the microscopic bacteria splitting cells, many billions of experiments have been continuously conducted in the past.

You are the perfect product that the Earth has come up with. You have the best faculties that the Earth has generated. Your 2 eyes were the result of millions of trial and error experiments ( Evolution of Life ). You have a complex brain unlike any other creature. Trillions of neurons acting simultaneously at a given point giving rise to the thoughts, ideas and the incredible consciousness you possess.

You are special in a Billion ways and the Planet believes it. Now it's your time to realise this and stop feeling bad about yourself. remember this analogy - If Earth was a company, you are it's flagship product.

Get up and keep going.

Life is meaningful.

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