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Attention to detail is everything

As we grow in our careers, we don't just accumulate professional experiences. We actually gather psychological, philosophical, and cultural experiences as well. And believe me, these will far surpass the professional experience over time.

For most passionate people, what started as a "job" after college turns into "passion" and then turns into "Art".

I believe the key factor in turning your "job" into your "art" is your attention to detail in basically whatever you do in your career. I would even go as far as saying it is the key aspect of our lives.

Just picture a mother paying attention to her child. The child would see the outside world and then notice how much the mother is paying attention to what he is doing. I believe these entities are directly proportional to each other ( with few exceptions of course )

For every activity you do in life, there is no top ceiling for how much attention you can dedicate to it. The more you put, the better it becomes - It can be your job, relationship, business, personality, lifestyle, etc.,

Art is the ultimate expression. And to make your job an art involves careful thought and attention. There is no activity that you believe matters will go in vain.

All the best 👍

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