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Apple Vision pro is here ...

Apple just confirmed that the metaverse is clearly the future by introducing the world's most advanced AR/VR headset that feels like Alien technology - "The Vision Pro" - featuring an ultra-high-resolution display system, a brand-new R1 chip, an advanced Spatial Audio system, hand & eye tracking systems and a brand new Vision OS that is geared to understand the space around us for computing.

Some people think that this is a new chapter in human history that will revolutionize the way we work, play and communicate forever. There were ~5000 patents in the making of this product but it also came with a high price tag of $3,499.

It's not all good things though ...

Spending too much time in the VR / AR world (metaverse) can lead to social isolation, as users may neglect their real-world relationships and responsibilities. This could exacerbate economic inequality, as only those who can afford the expensive VR headsets and other equipment will be able to participate fully and possess higher capabilities than others. Companies are likely to collect a lot of data about their users, including their location, activities, and interactions with other users and now with the level of eye tracking and other body parts, privacy can become a serious concern.

I think regardless of what the future holds, it is very clear that the adoption of AR/VR is going to skyrocket across the globe from now. A new trillion-dollar economy will be created and there is very little we can do about it. We either adapt to it or become irrelevant to the next generation.

I'm perfectly ok and I support new innovation as a tech enthusiast. I want new experiences in my lifetime which make science fiction come true. I want to use cutting-edge technology that gives me more capabilities and/or superpowers. I'm just worried about addiction and the health implications this can bring to our species in the decades to come.

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