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Mac v/s Windows in 2023.

When I switched from Windows PC to a Mac, I found out how reliable & stable the Mac is and I never faced the problems I used to have when I was a Windows user. But simultaneously, I miss many features and capabilities of Windows. If you are someone who is looking to buy a machine but is not sure whether to buy a PC or a Mac, this post might help you.

Benefits of Mac:

- It has a Terminal. This is a must for developers.

- Keyboard shortcuts are consistent across apps.

- No bloatware included out of the box.

- Apple's ecosystem has useful handoff features.

- Apple silicon Macs rarely need a reboot.

- Latest Macbooks are silent & cooler with no fan noise.

- MacOS is more secure, reliable and has more privacy.

- Chances of getting a virus are very low.

- If you already have iPhone / iPad, buying a Mac makes sense.

- Apple's customer support is top-notch.

- There is only 1 system settings app but Windows users have to deal with 2 (control panel and settings)

- Apple doesn't force you to update MacOS as often as Windows.

- Screen capturing & recording is better than Windows out of the box.

- Apple doesn't change the UI or features quite often. This is a good thing.

- Mac's Keyboard and Trackpad are way better than Windows laptops.

- There is no Legacy apps vs Modern apps drama like on Windows. All Mac apps are up to date with only one variant to use.

- Macbooks have much better battery life than Windows laptops.

Benefits of Windows:

- PCs are the best for gaming. Period.

- Cheaper laptop options are available.

- You can build your own with your budget.

- Windows OS can be customised to your liking.

- Windows has more app selection than MacOS.

- File explorer and window management is better than MacOS.

- Microsoft Office suite works better on PC than on Mac.

- External monitor support is much better than Mac.

- You can configure a super high-end Windows PC for the same price as an entry-level Mac.

- Many keyboard & mouse options with RGB are available for PC.

- You can easily upgrade components like RAM, Hard drive and even processor.

- The system repair cost is relatively lower than Mac.

- Touch screen is supported.

Which one suits best for you in 2023 for your use case?

Did I miss mentioning any other point?

Let me know in the comments 👇

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