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The Low Salary Syndrome.

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Dear reader,

Do you feel your salary is low?

Do you feel that you are not paid well for your work?

Are you constantly compared with others receiving high paychecks?

Do you want more salary than what is required for your living?

Do you feel you are missing out on opportunities for high pay?

Congratulations !!! You have The Low Salary Syndrome.

I believe you have asked yourself this question many times in your career - "Why am I earning?"

Many times, you would have answered yourself and tried to justify with one of the following -

1. I'm earning to support my family.

2. I'm earning so that I can lead a better life with higher standards.

3. I'm earning to enjoy the luxury aspects in life.

4. I'm earning to save money when I'm old.

a few moments later ......

5. I'm earning to be happy.

Yes, even I have questioned this to myself multiple times. Why am I writing code and earning money when I can play Xbox or travel around the world all the time ?

The answers keep rotating and I finally end up with the 5th option.

Happiness is again subjective. For some people, happiness cannot be obtained by having a lot of money. It all depends on the individual to define what happiness is for them.

But 1 thing is true. We all are behind obtaining happiness. Nobody wants to obtain sadness. Sadness is destructive and it doesn't yield anything but pain.

The real problem is not to work for money. The real problem is the "Low Salary Syndrome" like I mentioned earlier. You simply cannot be a millionaire / a billionaire just like that.

In fact, not everyone can become billionaires in life. many of us die after making enough money for a house, a car and educating children. That is simply a fact.

If you have the "Low Salary Syndrome", you can do the following 5 things to overcome it and lead the "Happy life" that you always wanted.

1. Stop comparing yourself with others.

You will never be happy if you compare your paycheck with others. ( either your seniors, juniors or your friends of the same age ). You are not them and they are not you.

Think about it.

Even Mark Zuckerberg will be unhappy if he compares his income with the income of Bill Gates.

2. Spend on the right goods.

If you are spending all your salary on the things that you want, your salary is never going to be enough. Even if you earn double than what you are earning now, you will end up spending on more good that are not needed and you will eventually run out of cash again.

So make a list of the things you want and the things you need. Spend a small portion of your money on the things you want and a major portion on the things you need.

3. Start Investing.

People invest on various platforms for a reason. Liquid cash is always slow in increasing its value. So if you feel you are getting less salary, without proper investment, its value will be even lower in the long run.

If you invest in the right platform, your salary today will appear to be more in the future since its value has increased by a certain factor.

4. Choose a happy workplace or choose to be happy in the workplace.

Since I mentioned that I always land on option 5 - earning for my happiness, if I am not happy at the workplace, it sort of defeats the purpose.

Either adjust or choose a workplace where you are happy and satisfied. An unsatisfied workplace can lead to the Low Salary Syndrome a lot faster.

5. Stop overthinking.

The fact is,

We are not born with the Low Salary Syndrome. We create it ourselves and we suffer from it throughout our lives. Happiness is a state of your mind. You can be happy if you are willing to be happy.

You can be happy by earning a minimum amount to support your family.


In an average human lifespan of 80 years (assuming you live that long)

20 years - you spend in Education.

30 - 40 years - you spend on Working.

10 years - you spend living a retired life

10 years - you spend on maintaining your health.

So you will not live forever. You have a small window to do what you want.

Be happy and think about positive things more than the negative ones.

This is the only permanent cure for "The Low Salary Syndrome"

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