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5 reasons you should avoid a job change

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Dear reader,

If you are here, you probably have decided to change your company due to a certain reason but you're still not sure whether you want to make this move or not. You are still asking yourself whether you should re-consider staying in your current company. Yes, I understand what you're going through. I've gone through it too and I had to take a few decisions that have helped me in my career so far. Keep reading and hopefully, you can make a decision in the end.

If you thought about this, you would have thought of changing your job because of these reasons :

Reason #5 : You are probably influenced by others

So you come to know that some of your co-workers left your company and joined somewhere else. If they are a bit closer to you, you would have probably asked them where did they join, why they left your company and what is their new pay scale. This is very common behavior and it happens with all of us. But after inquiring all these details, when you come to know about the benefits that they got after joining the new company, you sometimes felt that you are missing out on certain opportunities.

How to overcome this problem?

The first thing that you want to do is to stop comparing yourself with others. The more you compare yourself with others the more you want to become them. It could be that they are actually lying to you and trying to cover up with a certain situation or they are just trying to influence you and also want you to leave the company as well. They could've got a low salary increase and they just don't want to let you know. Even if they are very close to you people don't let go off their personal things outside especially when it comes their professionalism so enquire once and do not take a decision immediately.

Reason #4 : You are deciding due to a recent bad situation

Maybe you would have decided to leave your current company because you think that a recent happening in your company with you is not good. You might have had a hard conversation with your manager or you might have fought with your colleagues which has led to this decision. You could've taken things personally where they shouldn't have been. So you went home and you start thinking if it will be better to leave this company and join another company.

How to overcome this problem?

Running away from a problem or leaving the existing company may not be the solution all the time. You will never know what kind of situations could arise in the new company. Maybe you will run across the same set of situations again. Or maybe the situations can even get worse. You cannot predict what it's going to happen in the future. Even if the new company is very good and it is paying you really well you will not know what kind of situations can cause you to lose your peace. If you have decided to leave your company because of fighting with your manager you might get an even worse manager the future. So don't decide immediately after a bad situation. Instead, go home think about it and come the other day with your decision.

Reason #3 : You just want more salary

Like I mentioned earlier you might have seen your colleagues leaving your company in the interest of the higher pay scale given by another company. You then realize that the current pay scale that you are getting from your current company is not enough for your lifestyle. You just want to live a better life and you want to increase your lifestyle limits and expenses. The more money you have the more things you can buy. This is also one of the reasons or side effects which I mentioned earlier.

How to overcome this problem?

You might want to calculate the amount of money you need versus the amount of money you want. Maybe you don't need that much money to be happy. Is happiness the priority to you or money. Is your current company giving you enough money so that you're happy? If the answer is yes then there's no need to change your job or your company. You just wanted it but you don't really need it. If you really want to earn more money there other ways to do so. You can start your own blog or you can do a little bit of freelancing. This will also ensure that you get an additional income without changing your job.

Reason #2 : You are tired of the management

You might not be a liking the way your manager behaves with you. You just don't like the leadership decisions that they make. You were never able to get along with your manager. You probably want to become an individual contributor. But your company is not giving you the role of an individual contributor. So you decided to move on and change your company.

How to overcome this problem?

Ask your self the question why you are tired of the management. Is it that the management is targeting you or it is just your opinion. Maybe you want to recalculate or re-assess your performance. Ask yourself the question if you really have a way to get along with your current management. Is it good for your career if you change and become an individual contributor. Once you answer these questions I'm sure that you will find a way to get along. I'm not asking you to agree to whatever they say. I'm just asking you to listen to yourself and try to find a way to manage your management. Your management will listen to you and award you with the opportunities that you need.

Reason #1 : You are not satisfied with work

So you're not satisfied with your work. It could be because you are working on an outdated project or it could be because you're just working in a technology that is not relevant anymore. You want to be on pace with the latest and greatest technologies out there. You see your friends working on the super latest technologies and you ask yourself questions are you getting behind ? You also start to think about certain things that you don't like in your current workplace and you want to change your job.

How to overcome this problem?

If technology is the only reason you might want to check if there are other ways to learn these technologies. Maybe you can learn the cutting edge technology and implementing your current project. Ask yourself the question is anything stopping you from implementing these latest technologies in the project that you're working in your current company. Is the project really getting out dated? . Can you do something about it. Can you prove to the management that you can uplift this project into the latest technologies. If the answer is yes I would highly recommend that you do so and stay in your current company. Bringing a change in the company elevates your career. People start looking up to you as an expert. You not only feel better but you will get more opportunities in the future. You will find that satisfaction you needed in your current job.

That being said if a lot of these reasons are your reasons to quit your job, I'm sure there are reasons not to quit the job. What if something else is bothering you and it is not allowing you to live a peaceful life you probably might want to take a chance of switching the company. There's absolutely no harm in it. But it should be fruitful and it should be in right decision to make. There are a lot of advantages of staying in your current company.

some of them are listed below

Advantage #1: You build the domain knowledge

Since you have been working for so many years and the current company you have more domain knowledge than all the newbies out there. So you will get more opportunities to make decisions. The leadership will honor your decisions because you are experienced. You will be ranked higher than you would be promoted sooner than others

Advantage #2: You find a way to achieve worklife balance

As you grow in one company you will find a way to adjust yourself with timings. You will be relatively settled. Once you achieve your worklife balance you will be happy as well.

Advantage #3: Your reputation increases

Whether it is inside the company or outside if an employee stays in the company for many years his reputation is bound to increase. So when you apply for a new job the new employer will respect you more and award you more pay.

Advantage #4: you make some good friends

Because you stayed for a very long you would have made some really good friends that are going to help you in your life. Friends are really important in life. They are there when you need them the most. So Money is not everything. Friendship is also important. It allows you to be peaceful in life.

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