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10 daily morning habits that changed my life.

Many of us believe that in order to fix the problems in our lives whether it be feeling tired during the day or failing to succeed in our careers, we need to bring drastic changes to our lives. This is not true at all. The most significant impact is caused by changing those little things that add up in the long run and enrich your life in ways you never thought before.

Below are the 10 simple morning habits ( in sequential order ) that I have developed over time. They have definitely created a positive impact on my life so far.

1. Wake up early ( at least by 6 a.m )

2. Drink one full glass of water after waking up.

3. Go for a walk to get fresh air and see greenery.

4. Guided meditation for 5 mins with the Calm app.

5. Run on the treadmill for 15 mins for blood flow.

6. Followed by 30-minute exercise / gym.

7. Write down Today's to-do list on paper.

8. Clean my desk and wipe the laptop screen.

9. Eat something green followed by a protein shake.

10. Drink another bottle of water before office work.

If you want you can try this exact sequence for a week and observe the energy you get throughout the day. You will start accomplishing more and improve your productivity overall. You will also find that you have more time in the day and a sense of satisfaction.

I don't know why but it works !

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