MSK 999/- pack

For 999/- you can either buy a 🍕Pizza that makes you gain weight, raises your blood pressure, makes your skin worse, increases your chances of getting stroke and cancer




You can buy the MSK 999/- pack and get a 30+ LPA job offer soon.

Image by Sean Sinclair
Image by Gradienta

What will you get ?

I will give you the following services and valuable materials to help you boost your career.

1. I'll give you lifetime access for my 30+ hours Udemy course bundle that contains:
- JavaScript Bootcamp
- TypeScript Bootcamp
- Frontend System design
- React - Redux workshop
- Interview Questions
- Career guidance
- Project source code & snippets

2. I'll give you many Resume building tips and also send you a copy of my personal CV which got shortlisted in 35+ companies for your reference.

3. I'll send you my personal bootstrap reference code repository zip folder containing hundreds of code snippets and configurations that I use on a daily basis to work and prepare for interviews. This has been really helpful to me to boost my productivity as well.

4. There are many HRs & Hiring managers in my contacts/circle. If your CV matches, I will forward your resume to them. Not a guarantee but a possibility.


5. I will endorse your skills on LinkedIn to give it a boost when recruiters search for matching candidates.

6. I have gone through CTC negotiations with 25+ product companies. I will give you tips and techniques for getting best salary offer during your HR round.


Send me an email by attaching the following:

1. Your resume (PDF)

2. Payment screenshot.

3. Your LinkedIn profile link.

Once you send the email, I will reply within 24 hrs. Make sure to check your spam folder in case you don't get a reply to your inbox

Step 1

*supports international credit cards

Step 2

*don't forget to attach your CV and LinkedIn profile link in the email body

You can also pay via UPI