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MSK 999/- pack

Frontend Interview preparation kit

Hi, My name is Manoj and I have 10 years of experience in the software industry. I am also a Udemy instructor and have worked in many top product companies in the world.

In this 999/- pack, I will give you the following services and valuable materials to help you boost your career.

1. I'll give you lifetime access for my 30+ hours Udemy course bundle that contains:
- JavaScript Bootcamp
- TypeScript Bootcamp
- Frontend System design
- React - Redux workshop
- Interview Questions
- Career guidance videos
- Project source code & snippets

2. I'll give you many Resume building tips and also send you a copy of my personal CV which got shortlisted in 35+ companies for your reference.

3. I'll send you my personal bootstrap reference code repository zip folder containing hundreds of code snippets and configurations that I use on a daily basis to work and prepare for interviews. This has been really helpful to me to boost my productivity as well.

4. There are many HRs & Hiring managers in my contacts/circle. If your CV matches, I will forward your resume to them. Not a guarantee but a possibility.


5. I will endorse your skills on LinkedIn to give it a boost when recruiters search for matching candidates.

6. I have gone through CTC negotiations with 25+ product companies. I will give you tips and techniques for getting the best salary offer during your HR round.

7. I have got multiple promotions in my career and I'll give you my personal tips on how to get promoted to a Lead Software Engineer soon.

8. I'll give you my personal tips on properly doing self-appraisal during your annual performance review.


Send me an email by attaching the following:

1. Your resume (PDF)

2. Payment screenshot.

3. Your LinkedIn profile link.

Once you send the email, I will reply within 24 hrs. Make sure to check your spam folder in case you don't get a reply to your inbox

Step 1

*supports international credit cards

Step 2

*don't forget to attach your CV and LinkedIn profile link in the email body

Pay via UPI



Bank account details

S Manoj

Account Type: 
Current Account

Account Number: 
2427 2880 1750 9796



Sharan G

Fresher looking for job

This MSK 999/- interview pack helped me to understand so many frontend technologies including React which I would have missed out on as a fresher because in college they don't teach us about what is trending in the job market.


Vidya N

UI developer

Manoj shared so many tips in this 999 /- pack to build my resume and also what areas I should focus on to get promotions in my career. This pack also included his own CV for reference and it helped me build mine to attract recruiters and I'm getting more calls nowadays.


Ravi K S

Backend engineer

I was a backend engineer and my goal was to become a full-stack developer but frontend looked like a wild west to me as there were hundreds of libraries. Thankfully Manoj gave me a path in this interview pack to follow and I am able to confidently give interviews for full-stack positions now.



Fresher looking for job

Got this as a gift from Manoj as I am a fresher still looking for a job. I highly recommend this interview pack as it contains so many video lectures in Udemy and articles to help newbies to get started with their web development career.



Software engineer

One of the best things I got in this kit was the System design round guidance and it is included in the Udemy course bundle. I actually did not know what to explain in the frontend system design interview rounds but now I feel confident facing such rounds.


Nithin P

Test engineer

I am currently a QE test engineer and I aspire to become a full-stack web developer in future. I was confused about where to start. Manoj has given me some guidance and this interview kit. It is helping me to understand concepts and to build my CV.

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