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Programming courses

Web development has come a long way since the past decade and it has a bright future ahead.


JavaScript Bootcamp for Beginners

In this Bootcamp, you will learn all the essential concepts in JavaScript and you will get enough knowledge to kick start your frontend career. 

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React Hooks In-depth full course

Let's dive into the most useful and interesting feature assed in React v16. React hooks bring a lot of functionality to React's function-based components.


Frontend system design guidance session

This course is applicable for junior to senior software engineers and those who are looking for a promotion / higher-level role. At some point, you will be assessed for your system design skills. So it is crucial to know what is the acceptance criteria. This will help you prepare better and increase your chances of clearing the round. You will also learn javascript and practice interview coding round as well.

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Mastering google chrome dev tools

Become a pro in debugging web applications by mastering the google chrome dev tools.


React, Redux & Material UI workshop for beginners

Learn React, Redux-Saga setup & usage of Material UI components & state persistence while building a simple web app. 

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TypeScript Bootcamp for Beginners

In this Bootcamp, you will use TypeScript for the very first time and after completing it, you can confidently start upgrading your JS projects to TS.

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Interview questions, problems & solutions

A collection of all the interview questions and problems that were asked to me in various companies including Walmart, PayPal, Facebook, Google, Amazon, GE, Cerner, JP Morgan, Oracle, Tesco and few other companies

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Career Advice

From writing code to leading a team, I will guide you on various things in your software engineering journey.

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